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Q   I was told my piano may need a pitch raise.  What is this?
A   A piano that has not been regularly maintained can become so out of tune that it is not possible to bring back to its original condition in a single tuning.  For a piano that is so out of tune, the strings have to be stretched so far that they will spring back so much that is goes back out of tune. You may have noticed this phenomenon if you have ever installed new strings on a guitar.  As soon as you tune it, it immediately goes out of tune again.  A pitch raise is an initial first tuning to get it up to pitch so that a proper fine tuning can then be done.
Q   I think my piano has a cracked soundboard, so it can't be tuned. Is this true?
A   No.  Cracked soundboards are actually quite common, especially in this climate.  The good news is that this has nothing to do with the tuning.  In extreme cases, cracked boards can produce a buzzing sound, but this can be corrected through repair.  You may be referring to a bad pin block which does directly affect tuning.  This is a rare and serious condition, but some remedies exist for this as well.

Q   I know my piano needs tuning, but I may be moving soon. Should I wait to get it tuned until after I move?
A   Contrary to popular belief, moving a piano will not put it out of tune.  Moving to a different climate can affect the tuning somewhat, but remember the climate in Minnesota changes every few months anyway. You should get it tuned regularly regardless of the move.

Q   Is it true that I should not put a piano on an outside wall?
A   This may have been true 100 years ago, but modern homes are generally not drafty so this isn't a problem.  However, it is very important not to place the piano in front of heat registers or air conditioning vents.  This can ruin a piano very quickly.  I cannot emphasize this enough!
Q   Do you repair organs?
A   No, but I can recommend someone who does.  I can also recommend piano teachers, movers, refinishers, and others for your numerous piano needs.

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