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Dean Diers Piano Service
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Serving the Twin Cities, northern metro, and West Central Minnesota.

Q   I know my piano needs tuning, but I may be moving soon. Should I wait to get it tuned until after I move?
A   Contrary to popular belief, moving a piano will not put it out of tune.  Moving to a different climate can affect the tuning somewhat, but remember the climate in Minnesota changes every few months anyway. You should get it tuned regularly regardless of the move.

Q   My child is going to start piano lessons, so I'm thinking of getting an inexpensive electronic keyboard for now and see if he sticks with it.
A   Sounds like a recipe for failure. Inexpensive keyboards don't have the correct touch to simulate the feel of a "real" (acoustic) piano to learn proper technical skills.  They also tend to have a lot of "toys" on them.  Children end up playing with these instant gratification gizmos instead of learning to play the piano.  For these reasons, most piano teachers insist that the child practice on an acoustic piano.  A good quality, used piano is a much better option and will also have some resale value if things don't "work out."  Let me also say this:  Please put this piano in a prominent part of your home.  This sends the message that piano lessons are important to you; which is essential for them to be important to your child.  This is a serious investment of time and money and your child needs to learn one of life's important lessons: to stick with something with patience and diligence even when results don't come quickly and easily.
Q   Can you help me choose a piano to purchase?
A   Today there is such a vast array of pianos on the market, both new and used, that it is very advisable to secure the aid of a piano technician in the selection process.  I see so many different pianos in my day to day activities that I can help sort between the flashy duds and the hidden gems.  I enjoy helping people find a great piano for the right price.  I will advise you on the phone for free or I can go evaluate a piano for an nominal (but well worth it) fee.

Q   I want to sell my piano.  Do you have any suggestions?

A   First, have it tuned.  While this may seem like a waste, remember that a well cared for piano will bring more and be much more saleable than a neglected one.  We have all seen ads like this:  Piano for sale, needs tuning, you haul.  What message does this send?  Would you want to buy this and bring it home?  If I do a presale tuning on your piano, not only does it sound much better, but I can assist you on pricing and marketing it as well as give technical assistance to any potential buyers.

A full service piano technician * All makes-old & new 
Serving the Twin Cities, the northern metro, and West Central Minnesota.